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Many of us are out there trying to maneuver our way through professional and social settings with at least a modicum of the social graces.  Mom gave us some great training through the years with classic etiquette tidbits, but times change.  Do business men still pause to let business women through the door first?  Should you use your knife and fork?  Do we still differentiate between “outside voices” and “inside voices?”  Should the youth still guide the elderly cross the street?  If a pregnant woman enters the room, do you offer your seat?  Can a woman pay the bill without posing a threat to her date?  Is it rude for us to assume her date is not another woman?

While trying to figure out if and how such social mores have shifted, an entirely new world of social outlets crept up on us.  Now we are left to decode the proper protocol for engaging with others in online social networks and blogs, chats and messengers, tablets and smart phones, and on and on.  Sometimes we can all use a little help with this.

The Little Lady Blog is here to explore with you and guide you through the world of modern protocol and etiquette.  Hopefully, each of you can find something of value in this blog to help you put your best image forward at each event, in different settings, amongst all types of people, every day.



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