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Clean, Fancy, Fresh …Before You Step Out

Hygiene care, primping and polishing have got to be top-of-the list priorities every day before you make it to work …or play.  Most of us get that, and the rest of the world appreciates it!  We all prefer sitting next to the well groomed, sweet smelling, fresh faced stranger.  Those are the best.

What we don’t apprecia-te is when Stranger X plops down beside us on the train and proceeds to clip and paint nails, brush and flick hair, apply makeup, roll on deodorant and squirt cologne, or pick teeth.  Come on, who really wants to see that?  Yes, we see you — you do not become invisible when you stick your finger in your nose.  Worse yet, who wants your shedding hair and dandruff sprinkling into their morning coffee or nail clippings whizzing by their ears?  The whole thing gets to be unsanitary, unbecoming and even dangerous.  I mean refreshing chapstick or lip gloss is OK, but smearing full on foundation and poking out your eye with the mascara wand during rush hour commute is not cute.

Then there is the unexpected.  You are rushing to an interview, or a client meeting, or some funky fun birthday bash and you think you can save time doing the finishing touches in the elevator.  The person next to you is clearly uncomfortable, unbeknownst to you — head down, sniffing underarms, tucking in shirt, buckling belt.  Then you arrive at your destination and Elevator Riding Partner is your interviewer, client, or hottest partygoer, who you now can’t look in the eye.  Ah shucks!

So to present your best self from the very start (and to make the rest of us feel better), let’s handle hygiene and bodily care at home, in a restroom, or a private location of your choice.



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