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Chivalry CPR: The Sexy Comeback

Ever since girls got the idea that they could run the world, it seems boys have been deciding they no longer have to follow common chivalry.  Clearly if a woman can earn a college degree, found an organization, incorporate her own business, or sit at the head of the board room, then she can also open her own doors, flag her own taxis, pull out her own chairs.  Right?  I suppose so, but a lady is still a lady at heart.  As independent as she wants to be, she can’t deny the special flutter she feels when a gentleman puts her needs and safety first.

I wave my independence flag and single lady finger as much as the next girl.  I feel empowered knowing I’m making my own way in this world.  Yet, last night a gentleman humbled me in my stride.  As I approached the bus amidst the hustle and bustle, he stepped aside pulling a younger guy aside with him and signaled for me to go first.  Pleased as punch, I nearly curtsied.  Surely someone would have knocked me over if I tried that, so I settled on a grinning thank you.  That one small act carried the reminder that chivalry does not have to die.  We can resuscitate it.  Not only does the return of chivalry present opportunities for the most delightful interactions, but men should know it takes them a lot further in professional and social aspirations with just about any lady.

So perhaps we can update chivalry a little to suit the world we live in now.  Maybe a man can back off from ordering dinner for his date.  She knows what she likes and she can state it.  However, he can most certainly take her coat, pull out her chair and even wait for her to be seated before he takes his own seat.  Maybe he doesn’t need to run in front of his female coworker to yank open every door for her, but he can definitely let her enter the elevator first instead of knocking her over to beat the crowd.  If he sees his female neighbor struggling up the steps with a hundred bags of new shoes, well it is most appreciated if he offers to carry a few of them the rest of the way and not rush past like he didn’t see her little head peeping out for help.  Oh yes, and if it starts to rain, he racks up serious points for holding the umbrella over her head.

Sounds like extra work for the new age man to do for the new age woman?  I’d bet it’s a lot less tedious and way more effective than the other methods used now to grab her attention, to leave her with a lasting impression, or to simply convince her to disclose her Twitter handle.  Go on, try it!  Let us know what happens.



5 thoughts on “Chivalry CPR: The Sexy Comeback

  1. Hey, that was a great blog. I definitely agree with the modernized chivarly lol And yes, it would be much more welcomed than pathetic pick-up lines that never work. Just out of curiosity, which of these would be considered new age chivalry: The male paying on the first date or splitting the bill 50/50 🙂 Hope to here your feedback. Great read!

    Posted by Afiya Cupid | November 12, 2011, 2:39 pm
    • At this point, all of the above might be new age chivalry. Enough men have been protesting paying for the first date that the act is almost like new again! However, there’s tons of chivalry to go around. Women can definitely join in and pay half. I’ll let you pay half on our next date 🙂

      Posted by drjaicupid | November 12, 2011, 2:51 pm
  2. I think that the young men of the day don’t REALLY know about how to treat a woman. I think you find men 40’s and up who just KNOW what is proper to do. We need fathers to teach their son’s what women like. I can say I get a tingle in my spine if a man gets my door, aides me in putting on my coat, walking on the outside of a sidewalk or sacrificing his coat so I won’t step in a puddle (ok…this was a little extra, but I’m saying let me borrow his coat as an umbrella or something!). These things make a woman want a man more. If you have a man doing the right thing….HOLD ON (and knit him some socks or something)!!!! I believe that men doing chivalrous acts (and keeping it up) makes a woman submitting to that man much less of a challenge. ; )

    Ok as for the bill issue raised, I say, let the man be the man! LOL (to a degree). As a relationship progresses, I do not oppose the woman paying for somethings sometime.

    Posted by Margaret | November 16, 2011, 9:56 pm
  3. This was a great story and blog. Keep writing on the subject. I enjoyed it.

    Posted by Chivalry Chick | December 6, 2011, 2:18 pm

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