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Public Displays of Protocol – November 2011

Here is where we take a brief glance at the month to see who went wrong where. We get to look at our favorite (or not so favorite) celebrities and public figures and decide whose faux pas had them failing and who was winning with exceptional etiquette and protocol. Scanning November:

Kim Kardashian Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldie


Kim Kardashian – Airing on Kourtney and Kim Take New York this month, is an episode in which Kim hosts a yoga session for her firends at her house, in which a male yoga instructor leads the class in the buff. What made her think a prancing naked man was a great welcome home scene for her straight husband is beyond me. However, even if she wasn’t 100% sure what Kris Humphries’ reaction would be, proper protocol within a relationship is to take your partner into consideration. Kim should have asked Kris if that would be okay with him. And because she didn’t ask, this month she is LOSING!

Plaxico Burress Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall


Steve Johnson scored a touchdown in a recent Buffalo Bills vs. NY Jets game. Good for him. He then proceeded to do a touchdown dance that included a mockery of Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg. It’s all good to have a little fun and friendly rivalry, but if you and dude aren’t cool and you get called on your shenanigans then you need to step up with an apology. Don’t give a half hearted sorry my team suffered. No, if you’re bold enough to taunt someone, be bold enough to give a sincere, direct apology. For his poor sportsmanship this month, Steve is LOSING!

Herman Cain Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Herman Cain. [Shaking my head.] OK obviously it is disrespectful to cheat on your wife with a bunch of women. Obviously if you’re going to run for president you must be prepared to handle your scandal. He broke relationship and business protocol, and for that no one wants him as our next president. So he is LOSING!

Michele Bachmann Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Jimmy Fallon had Michele Bachman as a guest on his show this month. As she walked on stage, the band – the Roots – broke into a rendition of the song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” by Fishbone. It was completely inappropriate and disrespectful in its implications. Within the same week both Fallon and NBC released public apologies to Bachmann for her public embarrassment. Although Bachmann needs to learn how to accept an apology, NBC and Falon were spot on with their responses. They are WINNING!

We can all learn from our friends in the public eye. November’s lessons:
1.  Give sincere apologies
2. Play nice
3. Respect our significant others



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