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Merry Travels

It’s that time of year again!  We check our calendars, realize we leave for our holiday trip in less than two days, panic, procrastinate, panic again, then shove a bunch of random stuff into a suitcase and high tail it to the airport with just enough time to squeeze through security pat down.  Rough start, but if we play it right the rest of the trip could go nice and smooth.  Try these suggestions to keep your travels peaceful and cheerful for yourself and your fellow travelers:

1. Be mindful of personal space.  Just as you don’t want the next person’s coat on your lap or carry-on bag leaning against your foot, remember to keep your personal belongings in your own space.  Consider not pushing your seat all the way back if it is disrupting the long-legged, knobby-kneed person sitting behind you.  Also, don’t do the sleepy head nod onto your neighbor’s shoulder.  Get one of those neck pillows and keep your bobbing head to yourself.

2. Don’t hover around and glare into first or business class with your classic envious pouty face.  Of course you would like to be there too, but you’re not.  So instead of trying to make those passengers feel the wrath of your eyes piercing into the back of their heads, focus on making your own space more enjoyable, or at least bearable.

3. Be more tolerant about the crying baby.  For goodness sake, we’re talking about a baby!  They cannot control their behavior and they’re not trying to piss you off.  Besides, if you think you’re uncomfortable in the stale aired, shrinking seat madness imagine how the baby must feel.  Instead of asking the flight crew to kick the family off, order a jack and coke.

4. Lastly, there is actually an order as you disembark your chosen mode of transportation.  The people in the seats in front of you should be given a chance to get out of their seats, get their luggage and get off the plane, train or bus without you trying to shove them back in their seats or hurdle over their luggage.

Alright now, that should keep you from getting into holiday tussles or getting voted off the airplane.  Safe travels and Happy Holidays!



One thought on “Merry Travels

  1. Great suggestions!

    Posted by kdot | December 26, 2011, 11:12 am

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