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Hot Shots and the Should Nots

With all the madness across the wild, wild web, it’s time to do a series on digital etiquette and protocol to help you protect yourself and your image.  Shall we start with the topic of photo and video sharing on digital or social media platforms?

Oh, you know which photos and videos I’m talking about!  The ones in which the girl is leaning forward with her breasts spilling out her top while making that weirdo kissy face.  The one in which the guy is cheesing at the camera with a woman bent over, grabbing her ankles, grinding on him.  The pics of you posing au naturel with the seductive bedroom eyes.  Yes, those.

I know, I know, your Twitter is private and Facebook is on all kinds of intricate custom settings.  The thing is the pictures you share on those sites are held on photo storage platforms that just about anybody can access.  And if you are sexting those snapshots to someone, you are easily leaving yourself open to a growing viewing audience.  Peek-a-boo, we see you!

Believe me when I say I’m not hating on anybody getting their freak on.  I just want you to be in control of who is privileged enough to see your goods.  If you’re looking for a job, you don’t want potential employers looking at you get it in and shake it fast on YouTube.  Well, unless that is the type of job you are hoping to get.  Then by all means shake it faster.  Even then you want to make sure that “audition” video is getting to the right eyes, or else you are working hard just to give away free shows.

If you are about to share that last clip of you making it rain, think before you upload.  If you’ve been tossing up promiscuous shots of yourself all willy nilly and find yourself prone to overexposure, it’s not too late.  There is help!  There are companies that will clean up our online personality by strategically pouring tons of positive, smart, clean posts on our behalf in order to cancel out the messy stuff.  If you are looking to join a new organization, apply to college or graduate schools, or merely broaden your network, this might be a great option for you.  Whatever your goal is, keep in mind that the only way to keep your raunchy pics and clips private is to keep them off the web and off other people’s smart phones.




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