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Clean-up in Aisle 2: Managing Your Online Rep

Previously, in Hot Shots and the Should Nots, I talked specifically about cleaning up your online photo/video sharing to protect yourself. Here, I want to take it further and encourage you to take similar precaution with whatever you post, tag, tweet, like, or pin across social media platforms. Plus, I will provide information on companies that can help you with revamping and streamlining your online reputation. I want to make it clear that this doesn’t mean you can’t share provocative, controversial, fun or silly thoughts and items. What I want you to be aware of is the fact that whenever you do this you are forever attaching your name to it. So consider whether you’re releasing something detrimental to your personal safety, family, career or general reputation.

Do you really want to cosign the parody “Sh!t Black Girls Say,” if you’re not a Black girl? Are you sure you want to tweet about cheating on your computer science exam? Do you have to click “like” and repost 87 videos of teen girls slapping each other? All I’m saying is you should think first.

Now, if you have been sharing on the Internet in a manner you aren’t so proud of, as I mentioned in the previous post, there are several companies that can help you. Reputation Management Online, Reputation Hawk LLC, MyReputation, DefendMyName, and Naymz all provide services for managing your image and reputation in the cyber world. If you find that you are having trouble landing interviews or offers after background checks, or that people around town are just looking at you funny, these online establishments are worth looking into.

If you’re interested in handling your digital rep on your own, keep in mind that it can be time consuming but there are free sites to help you along with that ambition as well. Sites like MyPermissions.org and Reppler help you see your reputation risks across social media platforms, so that you’ll get a good lay out of the issues you would want to target.

You are now equipped with the tools you’ll need for your online reputation clean-up. In the meanwhile, think before you tweet, ponder before you post, simply be smart before you share and your image will be all sorted out before you know it.



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