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Digital Disrespect: You Didn’t Call Me Back!

So many of us are guilty of this one.  Here’s how it goes…  It’s Tuesday morning and you call your friend to catch up on juicy, new developments since the weekend.  Your friend doesn’t return the call.  On Tuesday evening, you text your BFF to say “Hey, what’s up?  I left you a message.  Call me back.”  You get no response.  You hop on Twitter and see that s/he has been tweeting half the day away.  Tweeting about what’s “now playing,” Blue Ivy’s godmother, the POTUS giving a SOTU, and on and on.  So you check Facebook and there’s your friend posting photos while posing in the bathroom mirror; “liking” wall photos with the long quotes; checking into Starbucks.  And there you are, fuming, wondering why you haven’t received a response all day.

Before you blast them with sub-tweets, here’s what you need to realize.  Before the advent of mobile device and social network stalking, people had down time.  They would turn off the ringer on their phones.  They would complete a thought without a little red light or abrupt vibration interrupting.  They would step outside with… wait for it… no way for you to contact them!  I know, it’s amazing.  Well, people (yourself included) still need that peace and quiet sometimes.  Technology has not changed that about human nature yet.

If someone takes a long time to return your message, it could be because they are not in the mood to chat, they do not have the energy, or they are not in a place to hold the kind of conversation they want to have with you.  Don’t take it personally, plotting to hold it against them for the next 25 years, deleting them from all your social sites and blocking their phone number.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  More than likely they will contact you sooner than later and talk your head off or you’ll talk off theirs.  All will be right in the world again.  So save the drama and give each other some digital, mobile space.



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