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High Tech Haters

Photo Credit: Imagerymajestic

Plain and simple, cyber bullying is not nice.  Kids in junior high and high school should not get on Facebook calling other kids names.  College students shouldn’t get on message boards or mass e-mail to encourage the thrashing of a certain type of student.  Great, I’m glad we got that out of the way.

What I really want to address is this murky area of cyber bullying in the adult world where people make vague, general quips on social networking sites.  It’s the racist comments, anti-semitic posts, the gay bashing jokes that don’t necessarily say “Go out and shoot all [insert marginalized group here] until there are no more left,” but they often insinuate that it’s okay to harm another human being. Another type of comment that is commonly resorted to is the unfounded slander of another individual’s good name, which brings them down or endangers their livelihood.  These are not messages of retaliation or empowerment for you.  They’re signals of hatred and they are passive aggressive threats towards others.  At times, they are just enough of a push to convince some unstable dim-wit to take action that turns out fatal.

Consider that anyone you speak out against or encourage others to harm has loved ones who do want them around.  S/he is someone’s child or parent, friend, soul mate, reason to go another day.  This is a living, breeding, bleeding person.  In other words, this person is more like you than you would care to admit.  Instead of using social media to bring them harm, use it to Google or Bing ways to manage your own anger and pain.



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