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Public Displays of Protocol – February 2012


Nancy Grace Photo Credit: Vidiot

Nancy Grace thought the accidental death of an internationally adored star was a good opportunity to get her name in the spotlight.  While singer Whitney Houston’s family, friends and fans were mourning their sudden loss, Grace told CNN,

Whitney Houston Photo Credit: Asterio Tecson

“I’d like to know who was around her, who, if anyone gave her drugs, following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water? Apparently no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?”  Her insensitivity is enough to fill this entire edition of Public Displays of Protocol, but she doesn’t deserve further publicity.  Grace is obviously LOSING.  And the television networks are WINNING for keeping her quiet over the past couple of weeks.


ESPN Editor Anthony Federico came up with the bright idea to headline his game recap on Jeremy Lin’s performance “Chink in the Armor.”  I suspect this sort of action is taken in order to, at most, make a name for oneself, or at least, to

Jeremy Lin Photo Credit: nikk_la

sound clever.  Needless to say, Federico was fired and he, as well as ESPN, followed quickly with an apology.  Although his apology seemed sincere enough, it cannot erase the 30 minutes the headline sat on ESPN’s mobile site in connection to an Asian American.  Even when you think no harm will come of it, you must understand that the pain of racial slurs run deep and it is extremely difficult to come back from that.  Normally, I would give Frederico a win for his heartfelt, rapid response.  However, I think in this case he is LOSING.


It would only seem reasonable that a House of Representatives hearing on President Obama’s policy that requires insurers to pay for birth control coverage would be open to various testimonies of female witnesses.  Yet, a hearing held earlier this month consisted of mostly men.  Yes, men – a panel consisting of conservative, religious men who have no need for birth control coverage – had the most say on the matter.  As a matter of fact, the committee refused to allow the testimony of a female law student from Georgetown University who depends on birth control for severe health reasons.  For setting us back an entire century and silencing the female voice, this committee is LOSING!

Lessons learned from our public figures:

1.  Someone else’s misfortune or fortune is not your opportunity to hurt them or their loved ones.
2. Learn to be culturally and racially sensitive in our increasingly diverse communities.
3. Sexism was unattractive in previous eras and it’s even uglier now.



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