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Fashion Protocol, Personal Etiquette

Scents and Sensibility

Scent is one of those things that carries an emotional connection.  Getting a whiff of your grandmother’s favorite perfume could take you to the most comforting moments of your childhood, a lover’s fragrance may be exhilarating, and the mean cab driver’s cologne might be repulsive.  When you select and apply your own fragrance, think of what kind of feeling you want to leave with others.

Gucci Guilty is one of my favorite fragrances because it's more of a universal scent that's daring without being overpowering.

To make your best impression, you want to choose those fragrances that complement your body chemistry because they will give off the most pleasant scents. You also want to refrain from drowning yourself in the stuff and dominating all breathable air within close perimeter. A little spritz or dab to your pulse points (i.e. inside the wrists, behind the ears, décolletage or cleavage, behind the knees, etc.) will make the scent last without overdoing it. Also consider the many ways to sweeten your skin, from scented soaps and body washes, to perfumes and body sprays, and from body lotions and body oils, to colognes and aftershave.

So play with it, have fun, but please keep it mild and delightful.



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