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Clark Kent to Superman











Interviewing?  Get all dolled up or shaped up and clean shaven, and then throw on a pair of glasses. Studies show that people assume you are smarter and more focused when you’re wearing spectacles. You might even feel smarter and you’ll probably see better.

If you’re not accustomed to wearing glasses, then wear them around first to get comfy with how they feel.  The secret to pulling off this look is to exude confidence through the mini windows atop your nose.

Go for it!  Pick out a cute pair of frames (prescription or not) and get that position!


Little Lady Tips – 4/24/12

Those Pesky Plackets: What They Are and What to Do with Them












A placket is simply a slit in a blazer, shirt, skirt or jacket.  It can also be a pocket.  Sometimes new apparel has a stitch holding the slit together and that is referred to as a placket as well.  When you get an item with the big X-shape, that is a temporary stitch binding the placket.  Those are the ones you should remove so your garment flows nicely and you can have the freedom to move easily in it.  That’s it, remove the placket.

Networking: What’s in It for You? Success!

You get invited to an event: a wedding, a fraternity party, a business launch, a baseball game, an industry event, or even a high school dance.  Your number one goal should probably be to have a great time, but following closely behind is the goal of successfully networking.  (That’s right, you should have networking in mind as early as high school, and maybe sooner.)  It’s with this second goal that so many of us miss the mark.  Where do we go wrong?

For one thing, some of us get confused about why we network in the first place. Some people are doing it because some successful person told them to, many do it with only their newest business venture in mind, and others network because they are trying to get ahead. None of these reasons are wrong or bad, but they are not optimal as overarching networking philosophies.

When you set out to make connections, it’s best to come from a place of genuine interest in what others are pursuing, creating or developing.  See it more for its possibilities of a meeting of the minds, the exchange of ideas, successful collaborations, gaining a golfing/dancing/basketball/fishing/shopping buddy, or the start of a lasting friendship.  If you make an acquaintance with someone with whom you would like to keep in touch, make note (on the back of their business card or in your smartphone) of how you may be able to work together in the near or distant future.  That means consider how you may be of assistance to them, along with how they may serve as a good resource to you.  It is an exchange, not a way to get the “hook-up” or build a one-sided relationship.

How do you build this type of relationship?  To start, confidently introduce yourself as who you are and who you are aspiring to become.  In conversation, be open to listening to what they have to say, ask questions related to what they seem passionate about, and share with them some of your interests and passions.  Exchange information and after the event, contact the person within two to three days to remind them who you are and how you met.  Invite the person out to grab a bite to eat and use it as an opportunity to learn more about them.  A great tip I once received for maintaining what you’ve started is to reach out to the person every few months and on holidays, invite them out if you have an extra ticket to something you think they would enjoy, and keep them updated on your major developments or changes (new contact information, getting into college, a new job or promotion, getting married, having a baby, etc.).  This way you keep each other in the loop and atop the mind.

So you see, it more than taking someone’s business card or storing a Twitter handle in your phone and tucking it away until you need something from that person.  It is about making the connection meaningful for both or all parties involved.  Furthermore, it is about growing your network to grow your career, but also yourself.

Tag, You’re It!

Take the time to remove the tags and stickers from your clothing before you wear them.  I know it’s still in style for guys to keep the sticker on their fitted caps. (And even in that case, displaying the sticker to validate the quality and authenticity of the item starts to look a bit tacky.)  If you are keeping on your tags in order to return the article of clothing, that’s a whole other issue we will need to address.  For everyone else, this is a friendly reminder that when you forget to take off the tags it looks like you didn’t put as much effort into your appearance and self presentation.  A great way to remember is by taking one more look at yourself in a full length mirror before leaving for the day.

Royal Flush Wins Again: Public Restroom Etiquette

The public restroom experience can be truly horrific. Unidentified brown spots, wet substances, funky smells, lurking weirdos can be a part of the experience at any point.  If only we would all do our part to maintain a somewhat usable bathroom environment, then maybe we could “go” without puking. Following these ten tips could change our lives. Seriously.

1.  Wipe down the sink counter if you wet it while washing your hands (or anything else).
2. If you urinate on the seat, then wipe off the residue.
3. Gentlemen, don’t go peeping across urinals. It makes others uncomfortable.
4. Ladies, dispose of sanitary items neatly and completely.
5. If the restroom is mostly empty don’t plop down in the stall right next an already occupied stall. Give people their space.
6. Don’t discuss sensitive material or talk badly about people in the restroom. You never know who’s listening from the stall.
7. Flush! Please flush.
8. Wash your hands. Even if you don’t think you got anything on them, just wash them for hygienic peace of mind.
9. Discard of paper towels in the trash receptacle, not the toilet or the floor.
10. Most importantly, if you own or manage a public restroom, then clean or have it cleaned regularly based on the amount of traffic it gets.

Wouldn’t we all be in a happier place if we had sparkling clean, flowery scented bathroom visits? …Or at least, if we didn’t step in yellow puddles? Let’s make it happen!

Socking It to You

Photo Credit: Arvind Balaraman

When dressing for an event, an interview or for work, socks can get overlooked as an important accessory to complement an outfit.  Gentlemen, always wear trouser socks or dress socks with dress shoes, suit shoes, or tuxedo shoes.  It’s never acceptable to wear gym socks or tube socks, even if they are black ….even if you didn’t do laundry this week.  It’s better to purchase a pair of trouser socks on the way than to show up in tube socks.  Why do I emphasize this?  I once had a boyfriend who went on an interview with a major law firm in a dapper suit, looking the part.  The partner of the firm pulled up in a Ferrari.  When my boyfriend at the time sat down in the low seat his pant legs shot up and he was embarrassed out of his mind that his black, linty gym socks were all you could see.  He worried about it for half of the interview.  Avoid the embarrassment – Invest in a variety of socks.




Little Lady Tips – 4/5/12