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Socking It to You

Photo Credit: Arvind Balaraman

When dressing for an event, an interview or for work, socks can get overlooked as an important accessory to complement an outfit.  Gentlemen, always wear trouser socks or dress socks with dress shoes, suit shoes, or tuxedo shoes.  It’s never acceptable to wear gym socks or tube socks, even if they are black ….even if you didn’t do laundry this week.  It’s better to purchase a pair of trouser socks on the way than to show up in tube socks.  Why do I emphasize this?  I once had a boyfriend who went on an interview with a major law firm in a dapper suit, looking the part.  The partner of the firm pulled up in a Ferrari.  When my boyfriend at the time sat down in the low seat his pant legs shot up and he was embarrassed out of his mind that his black, linty gym socks were all you could see.  He worried about it for half of the interview.  Avoid the embarrassment – Invest in a variety of socks.






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