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Royal Flush Wins Again: Public Restroom Etiquette

The public restroom experience can be truly horrific. Unidentified brown spots, wet substances, funky smells, lurking weirdos can be a part of the experience at any point.  If only we would all do our part to maintain a somewhat usable bathroom environment, then maybe we could “go” without puking. Following these ten tips could change our lives. Seriously.

1.  Wipe down the sink counter if you wet it while washing your hands (or anything else).
2. If you urinate on the seat, then wipe off the residue.
3. Gentlemen, don’t go peeping across urinals. It makes others uncomfortable.
4. Ladies, dispose of sanitary items neatly and completely.
5. If the restroom is mostly empty don’t plop down in the stall right next an already occupied stall. Give people their space.
6. Don’t discuss sensitive material or talk badly about people in the restroom. You never know who’s listening from the stall.
7. Flush! Please flush.
8. Wash your hands. Even if you don’t think you got anything on them, just wash them for hygienic peace of mind.
9. Discard of paper towels in the trash receptacle, not the toilet or the floor.
10. Most importantly, if you own or manage a public restroom, then clean or have it cleaned regularly based on the amount of traffic it gets.

Wouldn’t we all be in a happier place if we had sparkling clean, flowery scented bathroom visits? …Or at least, if we didn’t step in yellow puddles? Let’s make it happen!



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