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Social Etiquette

Through the Turmoil, Remember to Be Good to Our Children

So much has happened this week (positive and negative) in America.  Colossal Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and voting rights were handed down.  Senator Wendy Davis of Texas took a stand for women’s rights in matters of abortion and actress Angelina Jolie brought the matter of rape during war times to the world stage.  Television’s cooking sensation Paula Deen is beiPrayingng held accountable for making racially insensitive comments and demands on employees.  The case against George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin began and key witness have recounted the events of that night.  The list  continues.

As gay rights, racism and women’s rights are brought to the forefront, we are seeing many of the struggles and tensions in the country come to a head.  We may be preparing to start a new phase as a nation.  Who knows what is to come.  What we do know is that our children need us through it all.  We must guide them and teach them to be better.  They will be the ones to lead us out of the murky present and into a brilliant future.  So today, I implore you to be good to our children, all children.

Please speak love into our children.  Speak truth and beauty and kindness to their spirits.  Let them know from the beginning that they are enough, they matter and they are powerful.  Allow them to be smart and creative in their own ways, and let them express it.  Teach them to think for themselves and to explore all areas of their interest.  Teach them their value so that they may go into the world confidently and boldly.  Do it now, so that they may flourish tomorrow.  Do it now, so that we may have a tomorrow.




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