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Work That Outfit: Proper Business Attire


Business Casual




Business Casual with Jeans/Jean Fridays


Business Casual














It tickles me that every year, right around early summer, just about every company I’ve worked at has to remind employees of the dress code. It’s like the weather gets hot and people lose their minds …and clothes.

Every office or work environment has it’s own dress code, often found in the company’s code of conduct document. It is best to refer to this document if you are unsure of what is considered acceptable and appropriate work attire. If you are really lost on the matter, contact the human resources department with your questions.

Keep in mind that what is appropriate to wear to work varies depending on whether the dress code is business, business casual, casual, or uniform.  Many younger companies that encourage innovation and creativity take a laid back approach to attire, but even in those instances that does not mean you should walk into work like you are America’s Next Top Stripper. To help out, here is a list of clothing articles you should probably avoid wearing at jobs that are business or business casual:

  • Short shorts
  • Ripped denim
  • T-shirts with logos, words or graphics
  • Flip flops
  • Tube tops
  • Mini skirts
  • Plunging necklines
  • Sheer tops without a camisole or undershirt

These are good to start off with, but please feel free to add to the list!


The Unfortunate Fashion of Love


Love. Oh Love, how could you be so blind? 

When we’re head over heels for someone we make some of our most questionable decisions. It looks like our fashion choices may suffer right along with the rest of them, like this guy’s cute red crossbody chain purse. We know (hope) it’s his girlfriend’s, but come on, it matches his shirt perfectly and everything.

I suppose we’ve probably all been there at some point in our young, foolish lives, but hopefully nobody has a picture of it!

Looking for Bling in All the Wrong Places

This has got to be the worst fashion statement! What exactly are you saying, “Hey, look how cool my cancer sticks are… So cool I blinged out my pack”?? Ha! If nothing else, it’s great detailing.


Spring Fresh Fashion Fun

Walk in the Park

Bright Smiles = Best Accessories

Color outside the Lines

Whoever you are… Whatever your style…
Wear it well and wear it with pride.

Clark Kent to Superman











Interviewing?  Get all dolled up or shaped up and clean shaven, and then throw on a pair of glasses. Studies show that people assume you are smarter and more focused when you’re wearing spectacles. You might even feel smarter and you’ll probably see better.

If you’re not accustomed to wearing glasses, then wear them around first to get comfy with how they feel.  The secret to pulling off this look is to exude confidence through the mini windows atop your nose.

Go for it!  Pick out a cute pair of frames (prescription or not) and get that position!

Those Pesky Plackets: What They Are and What to Do with Them












A placket is simply a slit in a blazer, shirt, skirt or jacket.  It can also be a pocket.  Sometimes new apparel has a stitch holding the slit together and that is referred to as a placket as well.  When you get an item with the big X-shape, that is a temporary stitch binding the placket.  Those are the ones you should remove so your garment flows nicely and you can have the freedom to move easily in it.  That’s it, remove the placket.

Tag, You’re It!

Take the time to remove the tags and stickers from your clothing before you wear them.  I know it’s still in style for guys to keep the sticker on their fitted caps. (And even in that case, displaying the sticker to validate the quality and authenticity of the item starts to look a bit tacky.)  If you are keeping on your tags in order to return the article of clothing, that’s a whole other issue we will need to address.  For everyone else, this is a friendly reminder that when you forget to take off the tags it looks like you didn’t put as much effort into your appearance and self presentation.  A great way to remember is by taking one more look at yourself in a full length mirror before leaving for the day.

Socking It to You

Photo Credit: Arvind Balaraman

When dressing for an event, an interview or for work, socks can get overlooked as an important accessory to complement an outfit.  Gentlemen, always wear trouser socks or dress socks with dress shoes, suit shoes, or tuxedo shoes.  It’s never acceptable to wear gym socks or tube socks, even if they are black ….even if you didn’t do laundry this week.  It’s better to purchase a pair of trouser socks on the way than to show up in tube socks.  Why do I emphasize this?  I once had a boyfriend who went on an interview with a major law firm in a dapper suit, looking the part.  The partner of the firm pulled up in a Ferrari.  When my boyfriend at the time sat down in the low seat his pant legs shot up and he was embarrassed out of his mind that his black, linty gym socks were all you could see.  He worried about it for half of the interview.  Avoid the embarrassment – Invest in a variety of socks.




Scents and Sensibility

Scent is one of those things that carries an emotional connection.  Getting a whiff of your grandmother’s favorite perfume could take you to the most comforting moments of your childhood, a lover’s fragrance may be exhilarating, and the mean cab driver’s cologne might be repulsive.  When you select and apply your own fragrance, think of what kind of feeling you want to leave with others.

Gucci Guilty is one of my favorite fragrances because it's more of a universal scent that's daring without being overpowering.

To make your best impression, you want to choose those fragrances that complement your body chemistry because they will give off the most pleasant scents. You also want to refrain from drowning yourself in the stuff and dominating all breathable air within close perimeter. A little spritz or dab to your pulse points (i.e. inside the wrists, behind the ears, décolletage or cleavage, behind the knees, etc.) will make the scent last without overdoing it. Also consider the many ways to sweeten your skin, from scented soaps and body washes, to perfumes and body sprays, and from body lotions and body oils, to colognes and aftershave.

So play with it, have fun, but please keep it mild and delightful.

Underneath the Hood: A Million Hoodies Make a Bold Statement

At this intensely charged moment, the hooded sweatshirt is so much more than a fashion statement.  It is a rise in awareness, a symbol of solidarity, and a call for action in seeking justice for Trayvon Martin.  If you notice groups of people sporting hoodies and carrying signs or voicing their views on injustice and race relations, it’s alright to ask them about it.  Go ahead and Google it.  Search Twitter for #MillionHoodies. Read The Senseless Killing of a 17-Year Old College Student . Be informed and get active.  Maybe the next time you throw on a hoodie it will carry more meaning for you too.


Click here to sign the petition to prosecute the man who wrongfully killed Trayvon Martin and end the injustice.